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The Garthering
at Sutton Hoo
9-11 October 2009

Last updated: 6 November 2009

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The inscription on the back of the seat reads:   męst hlifade ofer Hrošgares hordgestreonum.

This is an extract from lines 1896 to 1899 of Beowulf:

Ža węs on sande sęgeap naca
hladen herewędum hringedstefna,
mearum ond mašmum; męst hlifade
ofer Hrošgares hordgestreonum.
  Then on the strand, with steeds and treasure
and armour their roomy and ring-dight ship
was heavily laden: high its mast
rose over Hrothgar's hoarded gems.

This shows the dig in the late 1980s under the direction of Martin Carver, Professor of Archaeology at the University of York.  Martin is on the right of the picture.

At the top of the picture is a little wooden shed.  It was here that Gar sat and sold tickets in the days before the National Trust was running the site.

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  Here are some photos of the special person to whom this magnificent seat is dedicated
with love from all her family who miss her greatly. 
To some she was The Trout, to others Gar and to a few Betty. 
However you knew her, she was fun and these pictures show that.


The sculptor is Ben Platts-Mills. See more of his work here.  Thanks Ben; you did a wonderful job.

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Thanks to Kate Sussams at Sutton Hoo, who originally so warmly embraced our proposal for a special seat.
More recently to Jonathan White and everyone else at Sutton Hoo who made
the process of designing and installing the Gar Seat such a delightful one. 


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